Our TPC journey started over 3 years ago.  Merissa and I found ourselves in a really difficult season of marriage and felt as if we were running out of places to turn for help. Our marriage was starting to come apart and we were turning on each other. Things were looking bleak. We knew in our spirit that we needed to get involved in church, as we both grew up in church, and get around other good people but finding the right place proved challenging. We had visited 7 different churches but could not find a place where we felt we belonged. We were discussing our church search with another couple and they invited us to give TPC, a church in a big warehouse in a business district in Lexington, a shot. We thought, hey, this sounds a little crazy and unconventional but why not? We had already visited 7 other places, what’s another visit going to hurt? We finally decided to come and I can honestly say that this decision (that seemed to be a long shot at best) turned out to be life changing for us. It was truly our Turning Point.

We immediately felt welcomed and felt like we were part of something special. We got involved early in a marriage connect group which was a game changer for us.  Our participation in the group brought a great deal of healing into our marriage and ultimately put God back on the throne of our lives. It also connected us with other couples who had experienced similar issues and we no longer felt alone. Week after week, we felt more connected to the church body, to each other, and most importantly…God. Within the next several months, I would join the parking and the worship teams while Merissa chose to serve in KidzPoint. We began to build strong relationships with other people and those relationships have blossomed into some amazing friendships. TurningPoint became a safe place for us to heal, grow, and share the love of God with others.

Fast forward a couple of years and the Lord provided a way for Merissa to join the TurningPoint staff while I am now serving as an Elder in addition to serving on the worship team. It’s also amazing because several of our family members have joined the TPC family and there is nothing like worshiping with family and friends on a Sunday.

It’s unbelievable the work that God has done in our lives over the last few years. It’s unbelievable what the Lord has done for so many who gather in a warehouse on Trade Street in Lexington.  I’m so excited to see what God has in store for us and for our church moving forward.

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