When I was asked to share what I had experienced since coming to Turning Point Church, I began to reflect and try to clearly put in words what had happened for me.  Immediately, certain words came to mind. Words like rescue, eye-opening, complacency, challenged, fellowship, and hope.

Once I committed my life to the Lord as an adult, I enjoyed a high level of passion and commitment in my relationship to the Lord, and it made following and serving Him such a pleasure. That’s not to say everything in my life was perfect, but because He was perfect, I was at peace.

Fast forward several years and after living away from Kentucky for years, we moved and found a church that we thought would assist in continuing the passion-filled journey we had already been on. I settled into life here and it seemed pleasant in many ways, and then God shook things up! I faced an obstacle in my life that made me question where I was spiritually and what I needed to do to return to the level of relationship I had previously experienced. After much prayer and waiting on the Lord, I knew I needed to make some changes. Shortly after that, I realized that through the difficulty God had rescued me from a  spiritually comfortable place I had settled into; a place that had caused compromise in my life. This then began the search for the place where God wanted me to be and serve. Soon I found It would not be a short, or easy search, but a very necessary and rewarding one.

Then one day, my husband and I walked through the doors of TurningPoint. It just seemed to feel right, and how surprised I was to quickly realize just how complacent I had spiritually become in these past few years. It truly was an eye-opening experience! It was as if I had gradually settled into a spiritually comfortable spot, and complacency had taken over, and I wasn’t even aware of it. But at TurningPoint I began to once again awaken to that previous relationship with God that made even the difficult things possible. It was as if my spirit had been shaken from its slumber and been revived! Connection, service to God, and the church opened up in a wonderful way.
That’s when the word challenged came to mind. The word that came forth from Pastor Jason, made me want God to search me and rid me of anything I had let enter my spiritual life that was not of Him. I felt challenged to be the Christian God wanted me to be!

As I stepped into this renewed relationship, I knew I needed to go deeper in the area of fellowship. I needed people that kept me encouraged and sharp in my Christian walk.  I can honestly say that I have found many people here that I respect and am impressed by their authentic Christian walk. I find myself moving forward in an amazing way. This all causes new hope for the things ahead!