Before turning point, I was just someone who was attending church. I grew up with my family being very active in the local church. I was involved in so many things in my home church for years. Then I moved to Kentucky and basically had to start over, I was going to different churches and just sitting back being a spectator. This went on for 6 years.  

A friend of mine told me about an opportunity to serve on the worship team at a new church called Turning Point. I remember praying for God to show me a step to take to get back to serving at a local church, and so, I just took that step and the rest is history!

Being on the Dream Team has been such a joy. Serving on a consistent basis at TurningPoint has grown me as a person in tremendous ways. I’ve learned about working as a team, leaning on God, listening to God, and have also gotten over stage fright! I’ve made incredible friends and have learned to be faithful with what I have been gifted with. My talent has grown. I have learned leadership and how to encourage others.  The list goes on and on. Some of the growth has been hard but necessary and, in the end, so worth it. I can’t wait to see what God has for me in the future!

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 My name is Michael Miller I go by Mikey…