I have always been a believer in Christ, but I haven’t always been in a RELATIONSHIP with Him.

My parents blessed me with a Catholic education, for which I will be forever grateful! But to me, I had always struggled to connect the dots between the Catholic culture and what it truly deeply means when we call Jesus our Savior.

That disconnect slowly drew me away from attending any kind of church and praying just wasn’t part of my life anymore. Sports and extracurriculars were good excuses to keep me busy and carried me throughout my high school and college careers. I became obsessed with being high-achieving and chasing my visions for a “perfect” future. I was convinced that if people perceived me a certain way, my life would perfect and I could finally rest.

Eventually, in November 2015, I felt so empty and tired it drove me to my knees. I vividly remember a voice in my head (yeah, you know that voice) telling me over and over to “just find a church and it will all be okay”. That’s it! That’s all the Holy Spirit wanted. Because He knew that once I claimed TurningPoint as my home, my world would forever be rocked!

Best decision ever, because TurningPoint really does create a ripple effect in a single person’s soul. The Dream Team (greeters, café, ushers, worship teams) made me want to attend service more often, which then made me want to make friends and connections, which made me want to join a Connect Group, then a Freedom Group, THEN GET BAPTIZED (my purposeful and public decision as compared to my parents baptizing me as a baby), then join a Dream Team, then lead a Connect Group, then lead student ministry, then minister to my friends, and to now….focusing on my personal spiritual growth and journey so that I can live free and lead my family in faith! An incredible 3-year journey!

Through my Connect Groups and other opportunities that TurningPoint provided, I gained the confidence to talk through my daily struggles and I found support and fellowship with others in a similar life stage to lean on and keep faith.

I found joyfulness in my life again and freedom from earthly chains. I found friends that I didn’t even know I needed for life’s worst hardships. I found that His Word is life-breathing. I found that it doesn’t matter where or how long we’ve wandered off, but that The Lord will always welcome us and rescue us and point us to where He has our path laid out. It may have taken me a while, but I made it here and that’s all that matters. Living proof that you are never too late or too far gone!

Yes, I have always been a believer, but I can say with absolute, undeniable certainty that I have a RELATIONSHIP with our Savior!!!

I just really love TurningPoint, and my church family, and myself for maybe the first time in my life, and I really love Jesus and how he is working in hearts around me!!! I am so grateful for TPC’s love and support and prayer. Thank you for being more than just a church! Thank you for being a rock for our little family!

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