Before turning point, I was just someone who was attending church. I grew up with my family being very active in the local church. I was involved in so many things in my home church for years. Then I moved to Kentucky and basically had to start over, I was going to different churches[…]


 My name is Michael Miller I go by Mikey unless I’m in trouble…we will get to that later. I have followed a very long and winding road to get to the point of where I am today. I am lucky in a lot of ways, starting off at the beginning is probably easiest. As[…]


   I have always been a believer in Christ, but I haven’t always been in a RELATIONSHIP with Him. My parents blessed me with a Catholic education, for which I will be forever grateful! But to me, I had always struggled to connect the dots between the Catholic culture and what it truly deeply[…]


 I’ll just jump right into it. At 22 Elizabeth and I had been engaged for about 7 months when we found out she was pregnant with Kyleigh.  Being raised in a Baptist home that was far from ok so I pressured her and we ended up getting married at the courthouse right away. Yes,[…]


 Our TPC journey started over 3 years ago.  Merissa and I found ourselves in a really difficult season of marriage and felt as if we were running out of places to turn for help. Our marriage was starting to come apart and we were turning on each other. Things were looking bleak. We knew[…]


 Before I came to TurningPoint I was very distant with my faith with God. I was a freshman in college and was struggling with finding a balance. The peer pressures of college were getting to me, and I was struggling with keeping my faith strong. I grew up in a Christian home, but this[…]


 When I was asked to share what I had experienced since coming to Turning Point Church, I began to reflect and try to clearly put in words what had happened for me.  Immediately, certain words came to mind. Words like rescue, eye-opening, complacency, challenged, fellowship, and hope. Once I committed my life to the[…]