Before I came to TurningPoint I was very distant with my faith with God. I was a freshman in college and was struggling with finding a balance. The peer pressures of college were getting to me, and I was struggling with keeping my faith strong. I grew up in a Christian home, but this was my first time being away so it was hard for me. After my freshman year, I realized it was time for me to find a church and get connected again. I googled churches in Lexington and that’s when I found TPC. I visited one Sunday with two of my friends, and it was such a welcoming experience.

I knew TPC was going to be home from the first day I walked in. Everyone was so inviting and genuinely wanted to get to me know. I started to get involved with connect groups, serving in Kidzpoint, and then going on the church’s first mission trip to Belize. Now fast forward a few years later I am leading my 4th connect group and still involved with Kidzpoint. I have made friends who are like my family now, and am continuing to form more and more friendships. Finding TPC helped me realize the importance of good Christian friends and how serving in the church can play such a huge rule in growing your Christian faith.

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 When I was asked to share what I had…